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Fighting hunger on Cortes Island


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Virtual Food Drive

We've launched a Virtual Food Drive for the Cortes Food Bank, in partnership with Food Banks BC.

The Cortes Food Bank is facing an unprecedented rise in requests for help in our community. To put things in perspective, last October we had 5 requests for food, but this October we had over 70! And the number of people in need of food is growing as we head into the winter.

Our team is doing our best to rise to the challenge, but we need your help. The button below will take you to our fundraising page.


We're sending you a BIG thank you for any support you can give!

What to expect

We are here to help with healthy food and a welcoming team. 

Support our work

Work or volunteer with the Cortes Food Bank!

Get in touch

Client and supporters, we'd love to hear from you. 


About us

The Cortes Food Bank is a nonprofit organization and a member of Food Banks BC. We provide food to any community member in need. 

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